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My Story Book

Book titled 'Theater, my biggest passion'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Useful websites for class activities

In this entry you will find very interesting websites for you to be able to complement your lessons with some activities, practices, and games for your students to learn easier, and at the same time to have fun. If you know how to use these tools wisely, then you will succeed in doing your lessons more dynamic. Enjoy!

Find comprehension worksheets for kids for upper elementary through middle school years. These worksheets include stories, poems, essays, and articles.

Find reading tests for grades 1 to 8. These tests not only measure comprehension, but also analytical abilities.

Here you will find all kind of practices related to reading skills. For example, mini-stories, speed reading, extensive reading, technical reading, and reading while listening.

In this website you will get sheets to practice comprehension, recreation, and summarizing.

This reading games and activities will help you to improve your students reading skills while they have fun.

Writing/GrammarBelow you will find some games that students can play to improve writing and vocabulary.

Here you will see some grammar games such as word jungle, wall of words, and grammar blast among others.

In this website you will find some ideas and activities to teach grammar.

Here you will find grammar exercises to practice different grammar rules.

Find some grammar quizzes that you can apply to your students for them to practice for the school exams.

Among these listening activities you will find informal conversations, speeches, and stories.

Here you will find listening activities for people from all levels.

This is a website with free English lessons which include listening activities.

Here you will find listening quizzes, and also you can listen to different English accents.

Here there are some conversations about daily activities.

Here you will find videos and pronunciation exercises through IPA phonetics.

Here you will find some recordings for students to identify different accents.

Below you will find some podcasts about English sounds.

Here you can learn more about pronunciation. There are handouts, tips for you as a teacher, and activities for your students.

Find below more about English phonetics, lessons, and exercises.

More Websites